Eagles and Great cormorant

A trip to Varberg and Falkenberg

The beginning
We start at home. In the morning I made coffee and sandwiches and “Onsala korv” on the top. Next, I brush my teeth and took on my clothes and get in my car, and start the trip to Getterön/Varberg and the target today was to see and take photos of Sea eagles and That was the plan of the day. Anyway. When I arrived at Getterön so was wary of many people at a good spotting place, but next was also good.

The trip
It was good weather. It was not too much sunshine, but it was windy but not too much. I just have picked up my tripod and mount the camera with my 70-200 and start to scan what I had in front of me. On a stone, I find something that was suspicious. I take a few photos and zoom in on the camera display and that was a sea eagle. The total of sea eagle was around 4-6 individuals in different places, but it’s hard to know if I counted someone twice or more. Now was my Misson completes so what to do now? Take photos of more birds at Getterön off cores! Other birds were Eurasian coot, Canadian goose, Common gull, Black-headed gull, and Eurasian Curlew. It was many birds, so I can’t give all names here because I gonna never be done with this. My hand was cold because I have bad gloves. When it’s blowing its field right through the gloves. So how to solve this problem? You take a trip to Falkenberg and shop for new gloves at Engelssons. I shopped for gloves for hunting and this was at a good price. I was at Falkenberg so I drive around to find Great Cormorant. I find these big black birds on an old bridge fundament. At this time it was heavy fog, so the Great cormorant looks so cool in the fog. It was also Common gull around the Great cormorant After around 30 minutes so leave the Great cormorant and Falkenberg behind me and driving home. When I came home and checked how many pictures I have from this day were 1488 pictures and all pictures of birds. End.

That was that story about A trip to Varberg and Falkenberg. Now you can look at pictures down here or read about Getterön.
Seeing in the next story. Bye.

Photos from this day

Facts about Getterön:
Getterön official name is Naturum Getterön. This is a good place to see birds, and it’s close to the sea. And you have a good view from the places you can find on their own website. To see the birds best is to use binoculars or use a telephoto lens. Because it’s a long-distance to the birds.
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