Frome view to focus

A trip to Tofta Nature reserve

Start off the Day
I wake up at 9 am and make myself a sandwich and swipe a cup of coffee. Then I packed my small camera bag with my D7200, Nikon 55-300, and mount Sigma 17-70 on my D7200, because I think that’s, was the lens I gonna use most of the time and I have right. Then it just started the car and drive to Tofta Nature reserve. It took around an hour and thirty minutes.

Arriving at Tofta.
When I arriving at Tofta I just to beginning to look at a map of routes and other information then it’s just starting to march. I have never been to Tofta, but it’s was a nice place and the route I chose was easy to walk on and the smell from the sea was wonderful. The route had many wonderful views and trees and flowers just had to begin to show up and soon the knops off the trees have burst. This day was not too windy, not too sunny just wonderful. The walk took around an hour. This was a short trip so that’s why this gonna be a short dairy.

Photos from this day

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