Red water lily and burning sky

Weekend in Karlsborg and burning sky at Näss slott (Nass Castle)

To Karlsborg and home
I, my dad, my mom, my sister, and Charlie visited my grandma in Karlsborg. We arrived on Saturday at lunchtime, so we eat sandwiches and drink black coffee (I always drink black coffee) After that we walked and took ice cream when my grandma needed to rest. After we had eaten up the ice cream, so I and Charlie took a foot bath in Vättern (Vattern). He was suspected at first so when I took off my socks and shoes, he enjoyed me. Vättern is famous for being cold but it was hot in the air, so it was so nice to stand in the water. On Sunday we were going to drive home, but before that so we visited Fagertärn close to Tivedens national park. When we arrived so it was a Car boot sale. It was not so much to see so it was few cars and people there. We start to walk, and we saw two Black-throated loons and that was unexpected. Because here in Sweden you can see them in lonely lakes. Anyway, we walk a little bit longer and then we saw a few red water lilies in the lake. On parking so it was a cafe and we bought four 33 dl drinks for 130 Swedish crowns (Around 15,13 us dollars) and on the backway to grandma, we bought “fika” before we go home.

Sunday evening
When we come home so reload I and my dad the batteries for we going to Näss slott to photography the sunset. At the Näss slott was a couple of people and they had partied earlier that evening because when we arrived, they were on back home. After that so was arrived a car and make a burn out on the parking so it was a big dusty smoke and the ground on the parking is gravel the lucky was our car was not hit by stones, but there was another car that did not have that luck when we walk back to the car. The rear window on that car looks like somebody had taken a shotgun and shoot at the window. It was a big hole, and the window was cracked. When we were in the car, so we decide to not come back. Because it happened lots of strange things at Näss slott if you take the car. Burglary and smashed windows are common here.

Photos from these two days

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